I started this life travelling on the path my parents’ and child’s wisdom set before me. As I grew into a woman, my childish wisdom disappeared. My adult wisdom became naïve, and I lost myself. Then, one day, on this path of naïve wisdom I ran head-on into a hurricane, and my life’s direction changed. Today I am steadfast on a journey leading towards wisdom, an open heart, balance and peace in my body, mind and spirit. I carry the roadmap to this journey in my heart, and I bring it to every class that I teach. I offer it openly and hope that is serves as a guide that will help my students on their own journey of self-discovery. 


The first time I practiced yoga it was in a classroom on the top floor suite of a downtown building. The room was scorching hot in the summer and clad with industrial carpeting. It was sweaty and smelly and not what my 17 year old self might considered “cool”. This was the late eighties - before yoga hit the mainstream - and yoga did not fit with my self-concept – but somehow it felt comfortable. Part of me yearned for something more meaningful, some form of spiritual enlightenment or guidance.

These early classes influenced me in many ways but I did not develop a regular practice for several years. The seeds of the first class were planted and finally blossomed into a regular practise about 15 years ago. Over the years I have studied mindfulness techniques and many different styles of yoga including  Iyengar, Hot Yoga, Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness, Kundalini and Yoga Nidra to name a few. I have also trained in Ayurdevic practices which is an integral part of my Yoga Therapy client assessments.

I was very fortunate to receive my RYT200 certification with three of the best teachers I have had the honour to practise with, Patricia White (Hatha), Kathryn Beet (Vinyasa) and Hali Shwartz (Yoga Philosophy) at YogaSpace in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 I completed RYT500 specializing in Yoga Therapy with internationally recognized school Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. In this program I learned from some of the most brilliant and inspiring Yoga Therapists in North America including Nischala Joy DeviAmy Weintraub (Life Force Yoga®),  Neil Pearson (Life is Now Pain Care) and Antonio Sausys. I am continuing to work towards my C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist).

My practice includes all aspects of Yoga. My workshops, classes and one-on-one support combine the gentle awareness of Hatha, the postural precision of Iyengar, the playfulness of Vinyasa and the soulfulness of Kundalini. 

Peace & light