One-on-one Yoga Therapy (in person or Skype)   

  • 3 sessions* intake and assessment package
  • 10 session bundles
  • Pay as you go  
  • Read more about how Yoga Therapy can support you

Workshops | Current Workshops

  • 1 and 3-day "Finding Inner Peace in Chaos" yoga for Mental Health (depression, anxiety & stress),
  • 3-day "Shine your Light" yoga to boost emotional vitality and radiance
  • 3-day "Yoga for Fertility/Infertility"

Corporate Wellness Program  |  Half-day and full day wellness programs, 45-min lunch hour classes. 

Private / Semi-Private (up to 3 people)   |  75 and 90 minute classes

Group Class  |  60, 75 and 90 minute  

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