One-on-one Yoga Therapy (in person or Skype)   

  • Each Yoga Therapy session is unique based on your needs. One-on-one allows us to focus on the same practices that I teach in group classes and workshops but customized to your cycle, body, lifestyle and circumstance. Depending on your goals, we will spend time healing the deeper wounds surrounding your journey and talk about lifestyle choices that may help you grieve and regain vitality . You can read more about Yoga Therapy HERE. Most people who come for one-on-one sessions are looking for personalized care from someone who understands what they're going through and can provide individual support for their unique circumstance. If this sounds like you I would be honoured to be that support for you.

VIP Days

  • VIP Days are like a day at the spa for your heart and soul. They're perfect just before fertility treatment or to nourish your heart. This day of one-on-one care and attention includes practices designed specifically for YOUR body, circumstance and energy; a nourishing lunch customized to your taste and food preferences; visualization and manifesting to bring you back to your Self. We will create healing rituals that support your journey.

Yoga for Fertility Workshops & Classes | NEW! Class Session begins October 2018 | MORE DETAILS HERE

  • This journey can feel overwhelming. You may be inundated with appointments, tracking your cycle, seeing specialist after specialist OR you may be frozen, without knowing what to do next. These classes are a place where you can let go of the pressure of the to-do list and trying to hold it all together. In these classes you can simply "be". All classes and workshops include yoga practices designed to reduce stress, soothe the nervous system, increase blood flow to the pelvis/reproductive organs, awaken vitality and optimize fertility and reproductive health. My mission is to help you achieve the family you dream of. Read more about Yoga and Fertility HERE.