Finding Inner Peace in Chaos


1. You can practice standing or seated with feet firmly touching the ground.

2. Close your eyes or drop your gaze to the floor.

3. Feel your feet (and sits bones if you are sitting) connected to the ground.

4. Imagine you have roots growing out of the soles of your feet and (sits bones if you are sitting).

5. Place one hand on your belly and the other around your heart center.

6. Notice the feeling of your hands touching your belly and heart center.

7. Notice your body expanding and releasing. It may be really subtle.

8. Take a deep breath in, exhale...

9. Start to be aware of your breath. Notice how long the inhale is and the exhale, notice if its feels sticky anywhere.

10.   Imagine your breath as a wave of light, air, colour or even water, flowing in and out.

11.   Notice your breath becoming smoother and longer as you visualize this wave.

12.   Inhale imagine you are blossoming up to the sky.

13.   Exhale imagine roots growing from your feet (and sits bones) holding you down to the earth.

14.   Stay like this for 1-3 minutes

15.   Open your eyes, look around you and notice one thing that is beautiful.

16.   Hold that image in your minds-eye and throughout the day close you eyes and think of that beautiful something.

*When being aware of your breath is uncomfortable.

For some people being aware of their breath causes more anxiety. If you feel anxious about noticing your own breath then skip steps 8 -13 or focus on another aspect of your body like your hands or feet. Keep practicing twice a day until it the breath awareness is comfortable. For some of you this may take several weeks (or even longer) – that’s totally common and ok. Don’t get discouraged. It’s all going to set you up for bigger strides in the end. And, this practice is yours to keep so you can continue to practice. If you would like more guidance on breath awareness please contact me to set-up a FREE 20-minute consultation.