Manifesting abundance

Abundance is the Universal desire for joy and inner peace. This peace may come from financial wealth, love, connection, life purpose or feeling fulfilled, joy, security, creativity or feeling spiritually fulfilled. Invite your deepest desire into your life and be receptive to receive it.

The energy surrounding abundance is soft and receptive and there are elements of surrender but it is not passive. Be determined in your practice and let the energy flow. This guide is an extensive list of the elements and archetypes to create a home practice or ritual so you can manifest abundance.

"My heart is open to receive the abundance that the Universe is bringing to me."

The e-book includes:

  • Tools for building a personal practice or ritual
  • Inspiration that will empower you to manifest abundance
  • Yoga poses, crystals, essential oils and more... to support abundance
  • Guided meditation for listening to your inner wisdom.

 You will learn:

  • The essential step you need to take before you begin your manifesting ritual
  • The best time of year to manifest abundance
  • Top tips to start manifesting
  • How abundance is aligned with Goddess energy