Finding Inner Peace in Chaos



  1. Take the one portion and cut it in half. Put it on a fancy plate or bowl - your very best china. If you are out of the house try to make a ritual of how the treat is presented.
  2. Put the second half of the portion away for later.
  3. If you are at home set your table and sit down with the plate in front of you. If you are out make the space as pretty and peaceful as you can.
  4. Take a few deep breaths and think about the treat in front of you. Think about how it will taste and how you will feel afterwards.
  5. Look at the treat. Look at the colour, the shape the texture.
  6. Close your eyes and smell your treat, how does it smell? As good as you imagine it will taste or maybe not as good?
  7. Keep your eyes closed. Take a small mouthful and feel its texture, notice where in your mouth you feel it the most.
  8. Take a deep breath and then take another small bite and taste. Does it have several tastes? Can you taste all of the different ingredients?
  9. How does it make you feel to be eating this treat? Do you feel it anywhere in your body aside from your mouth?
  10. Keep eating, one small mouthful at a time, with a deep breath between each bite.
  11. When you get to the last mouthful, pause. How do you feel about the treat being almost gone? Think about the other half that you’ve put away. Are you tempted to eat it? Are you satisfied? Happy you have another half for later on or tomorrow?
  12. No judgment at all!
  13. Take a breath and eat your last bite. Savor it fully.
  14. Make a conscious decision to eat OR save your second half. How does this decision make you feel in your body? Where do you notice it. What is the ego saying to your heart about this decision?
  15. No judgment at all!
  16. Take a deep breath and know that YOU have made a decision consciously and without judgement.
  17. THIS IS SELF-CARE 101!
  18. Here is the deal. If you decide to eat the second half right away then you must follow exactly the same 12 steps as before. If you decide to save it for later than follow exactly the same 12 steps as before.