Christina Smith : Inviting Shift

Last month I started a new adventure.

Beginning June 14 and running through November 2017, I will be guest hosting "Life Transitions" a radio show on News for the Soul online talk radio. 

Christina Smith

My first guest will be Christina Smith. Christina is a creative ex-corporate marketer who has learned to redefine how she lives her life by embracing life's transitions and creating some shifts of her own. She is a certified Health Coach, the Marketing Director for Woman Within International and a Marketing Coach who helps people transform their health and business. Her mission is to help innovative healers and coaches to bring their gifts to millions of people in order to make an impact on the global consciousness. You can connect with Christina through her Facebook Group Inviting Shift.

Here's a sneak peak at what we will be talking about:

> Why we resist transformation
> Why shift is something we want to embrace
> Mindset for embracing change or transition
> The five stages of shift
> Normalizing shift to reduce stress and anxiety

Listen to whole interview