Molly Nichols : The Magic of Vizualization

You can only manifest what you believe in. Sounds so obvious, right? So why are the things we want the most often the hardest to achieve? Well, as humans, we have a couple of things working against us... 

Number 1, the human brain is designed to favour the negative (a built in response to keep us from danger) and number 2, it is also designed to be right. If we are designed to favour the negative and to look for proof that we are right then we spent a lot of time in a very bad thought cycle of believing we can't have what we want and looking for proof of this. 

If we truly want to manifest our desires we need to change this negativity cycle so we believe in our dreams, allowing our brain to look for proof that we can have it. In order to change this thought cycle we need to find tools that teach us to recognize our patterns, allow us to see clearly what we really want (beyond the material) and change our brain patterns so they believe we can manifest our desires. One effective tool for changing perspective is visualization.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Molly Nichols. Molly is incredibly warm, honest and authentic.  She is a renowned fertility coach, healer, and teacher who specializes in educating women on how to uncover and heal the deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of infertility through the use of fertility visualizations, spiritual practices, and an understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection to fertility.

Molly Nichols

Although Molly's work has a focus on fertility she is branching out to offer support to women beyond fertility. I can't say enough how amazing she is and how the work she does is applicable to anyone looking for healing and transformation.

In our interview we talk about :

  • how "doing" keeps us in our body and out of our intuition,

  • why making the time and space to be still is the essential beginning of healing and transformation,

  • how visualization helps us to access emotional, spiritual, energetic aspects of our being and can transform perspective,

  • how a breakdown can be the impetus for healing on all levels

  • an so much more...

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