20-days of summer mindfulness - the full list


Thank you to those who followed along on this challenge. If you haven't started yet consider starting Day 2 on July 31 with the full moon - a wonderful time for reflection. Let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment here or on Twitter or Instagram @katlinyoga. I would love to hear from you! Here is the full list

Day 1 - Find a perfect moment in your day

Day 2 - Go out and bask in the light of the full moon

Day 3 - Hang out under (or in;) a tree

Day 4 - Say no to one unhealthy desire

Day 5 - Choose one asana that drives you crazy and work on it for 10 minutes focusing entirely on breath and leaving your ego at the door.

Day 6 - Smile at a stranger

Day 7 - Find gratitude in adversity

Day 8 - Make peace with one of your flaws

Day 9 - Listen your friends. Listen to your loved ones. Just listen and discover what you hear.

Day 10 - Ask yourself what you really need and honour that need

Day 11 - Find a flower begging to be smelled

Day 12 - Chant or sing a song or mantra that speaks to your heart

Day 13 - Look for a miracle- even small ones happen everyday

Day 14 - Choose one meal to eat mindfully. Enjoy the taste, the smell and the visual delight

Day 15 - Go out into the cool darkness and salute the new moon

Day 16 - Say yes twice as often as you say no

Day 17 - Channel your inner

Day 18 - Connect with mother nature, sit in the grass and look up at the clouds - what stories are they telling you?

Day 19 - Find sometime to do nothing, truly and completely nothing

Day 20 - New beginnings. Allow Ganesha to guide you in a new next mindfulness journey. Choose 4 of your favourites from the list above and practice each for 5 days. Invoke Ganesha's beej mantra Om Gam Ganapotaye Namaha to bring luck to this and to remove any obstacles that may be in your way on this journey.

Jai Ganesha