bhramari pranayama | bees breath

Shanmuki mudra with bhramani pranayama (bees breath)
Shanmuki mudra with bhramani pranayama (bees breath)

Bhramari pranayama or bees breath is incredibly soothing when you are feeling the cloudy effects of depression or agitation of anxiety.

To practice sit comfortably with your spine tall. Inhale through your nose drawing the root of your tongue to the back of your throat. With your lips closed exhale slowly making a deep buzzing sound from your throat.  Feel the vibrations created in you throat and heart. As you deepen the buzzing sound you will start to feel the vibration expand.

Practice 3 rounds to start - eventually moving up to as many as 10. Shanmuki mudra - shown above - allows focus and vibrations to turn inward. If this is not comfortble for you simply place your hands over your eyes and and close your ears with your thumbs. Close your ears by pressing in the nubby part of your ear.

This pranayama was taught very skillfully by my teachers Amy Weintraub and Rose Kress at the LifeForce Yoga® training that I took in Tucson this past January. You can read more about this pranayama and other wonderful breaths for mood management on the LifeForce Yoga website.

peace and light, Katlin